I miss my ex bf don't know what to do.. help?

I am the one who broke up with my bf. I miss him tho he's dating someone new and I am not just missing him cause he's w someone else. We were becoming friends after brake up and trying to get back together the. There was a new girl appeared sneaking around w my ex bf behind my back. he told me he's not interested in her at all yes I went a bit crazy which I never should've.. but he's new gf was really mean to me like making harmful romours about me. It's too bad my ex bf took her side it wasn't like they were together at the beginning but as much as my ex bf hated me got close to her then they started secretly dating its been few months since I am out of the picture. They are not an official as a couple when someone ask they says they aren't together still dating very secretly. I haven't talked to him for about 3months but I can't stop thinking about him I want him so bad I know I made mistakes a huge one. and he seems happy being w new gf. I wonder if there's a second chance for me to get him back. I wonder if he's still mad at me and what to do to make him miss me and let him know I am truly sorry about what happened to us


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  • I can't completely relate, but I understand your situation to an extent. Don't worry I won't go into my stories of relationships. However, you should ask yourself the question, "Do I really want him back or do I want closure." Sometimes the two get mixed up and look like the same thing, but they're actually different. I won't ask you for the reasons why you broke up with him in the first place, but there had to be a reason for you to do it. Reflect on the reason (s) for a moment and see whether or not if you really want him back. Going off on what you wrote, she started to spread harmful rumors about you and was disrespectful towards you. This tells me that your relationship with her was already poor. You also wrote that you went crazy on him and that he was irritated by your actions, which pushed him away. I don't mean to sound or be offensive if I am so far, I was just listing out in my interpretation of what you wrote. It sounds like you ended things on a "sour note" or "bad note" which could cause you to want closure. The best thing to do in my opinion is talk it out with him, be honest and tell him how you feel about the situation. Also if you want you can add an apology in your conversation. You shouldn't wonder whether or not if you can get a second chance with him, not saying there isn't hope, but it should be a thought for the future after you fix the problem that's in front of you. First thing to do is to rebuild a relationship, to do that you need to reconcile with him. So be honest and apologize for your behavior. Talk it out with him and you should have a plan in your mind before you do this, know what you need to say and what you need to talk about. Also remember, we're all human and we make mistakes, so don't feel bad about going crazy on him. We all do things that we don't mean sometimes. Again, I apologize if what I wrote sounds disrespectful, in no way did I mean any offense. I hope this helps and that things work out for you.

    • thank you. I actually sent him an apologie text and wish him happy w her. since he didn't want me to contact to him I didn't make a phone call and at the end I wrote him that I won't contact him ever again but wishing him a good life. I am just hoping he won't be annoyed by my text message. Would you be mad or annoyed by apologie message? I just don't want any more trouble or make him mad. I feel much lighter after saying srry about what I did. Would he be having the same feelings or he does t even care?

    • No if I was him I wouldn't be annoyed. I think you did the right thing, because it takes more courage to take a step back and apologize. I don't think you were any trouble for him in the first place. All that happened is that you did something you didn't mean. Just remember that we all do things that we don't mean, it just means we're human. Also I think you'll get an answer for your last question from him. I can't answer it because I'm not him, I don't know how he feels about the whole situation, but if he responds then you'll know. Just keep in mind that you took a huge step forward and now that you feel better things will be easier for you. I'm glad to hear that you feel better and I hope that things work out between you two.

  • Regardless of how sorry you are and how his new girlfriend is being mean to you, you did break up with him. And one of the consequences is that he will find another.

    Don't get too hung up on it. You have made a choice to let him go, just find some activity to distract your mind from thinking about him. Try not to spend too much time on your own.


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