What should I do about my ex-girlfriend?

Two months ago my ex-girlfriend and I (went out for a year and a half) broke up mutually but it was I who initiated the conversation. We tried being friends for about a week, and then I asked her if she would like to try again.. to which she said no and refused to. I'll admit, I was hurt by this so I decided that the best thing to do for myself was to go No Contact. I did this for about two weeks (I ignored all of her texts) and then we started talking again by the end of that month. I found out that she had been seeing (and hooking up) her ex since the first day we broke up and she told a mutual friend of ours that she realized she loved me as a friend and wasn't IN love with me. So, once again I decided it was best for myself to keep doing No Contact and move on with my life despite all of her attempts of texting me saying that she had been thinking about me, felt bad about the way things ended, missed me, loved me, and wanted me to know that she wouldn't change a thing from our relationship. I'm a bit skeptical with some of those things and feel like she wants me in her back pocket. She's been telling all of our mutual friends that she misses me and tells them to tell me that...

We're both 23. Thanks!


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  • Whoa...
    Her mind is all over the place..
    First you broke up wit her, She realize that she only liked you as a friend from the start, and then come crawling back..
    You tried going back to your normal life but, she comes out and ask you back?
    I reckon to ignore her... Because, you gave her a chance and she said she only loved you as a friend.. She later comes back saying that she loves you, misses you, and what to be back together.. She's just hurting you no?


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  • You guys broke up for a reason, I think you need to think about why that was. It's not a usually a moment that breaks a realationship but a larger incompatibility even if you get back together, it's not likely to last for long.


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  • I think you're making the right decision. You could maybe kindly ask her to stop saying senseless things. It sounds like she is very finicky about her feelings.

  • Do you still love her? If yes, why don't you talk to her again?


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