Ex gf drunk texted me saying she's been really selfish by texting me. What does this mean?

First, I’m sorry for this long post. But ex gf of 3years broke up with me about 7months ago. We tried to get back together after 2months of the break-up, but she couldn't do it. And honestly, I don’t think I was ready for that myself either. And we tried to move on and didn't talk for several months except few occasions. But few weeks ago, I stopped by her house to drop off some stuff. At the time, she was shocked to see me and told me she's seeing someone. I somehow ended up telling her I've been thinking about her all this time which I wasn't planning at all, and we ended up with making out little bit. Then she pushed me away and told me this is not right. So I went home.

Few days later, she texted me to ask if I’m okay and if I still wanted to meet up and talk. Also she told me that she's not seeing that guy any more. We haven't met up since that night, but we've been casual chatting over text for few weeks. And coupld of nights ago, she started to drunk texting saying she's an a-hole and really selfish by texting me and by telling me that she's druink so it's okay to text me and she'll blame her next morning. And asking me to send selfies and what I was doing that day and stuff. I just basically told her to take care of herself and please go home safely which she did.

Yesterday morning she appologized for what happened a night before and we just casually chatted throughout the day. And today I found myself thinking about her a lot. I care about her so much and if there is any chance, I would try to get back with her. But what I'm afraid of is that I'll reapeat the same thing and I'll be a hot mess again. I just wasn’t sure what that drunk text means. And If I should even consider to try to get back together at this point.

Thanks for your help!


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  • Don't respond to a drunk text, it's means nothing. Her inhibition were lowered and she messaged you for her own self-pleasure regardless of how it affected you or if you thought it "meant" something, that's what she means by selfish. I've done it before to a guy but it just means she did something in the moment. Don't drag that out. Try to move on from a failed relationship.


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  • It means she's a stupid student in med school.


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