Deactivated fb after the breakup?

My ex deactivated his fb and stopped coming online on whatsapp after the break up while I sit here and stalk him!!! Is he over me already and moved on?
Should I deactivate my fb too and stop going online on whatsapp? please help I am losing my mind! He was the one who broke up with me coz his family doesn't like me
He told me not to message him and I haven't and since then he hasn't been coming online does that mean he moved on?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Can you blame him dropping if the grid if you're trying to stalk him?


Most Helpful Girl

  • He probably just doesn't want everyone knowing his business or asking him how he is... jeezo fb is for nosy folk anyway who wants or needs it, and the people who genuinely care would go see him not fb him thats lame... he will be hurting too don't think it was easy for him either. Don't worry if he cares about your feelings in anyway you will hear from him


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  • Stop stalking him and move on. You are embarrassing yourself.


What Girls Said 1

  • So what if he did that?
    I did the same thing.. I closed my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (best decision I have ever made) Stop being online. And changed my Whatsapp number after deleting his number from my phone.. I deleted him from KKTLK, and Viber as well as from gaming accounts..
    Stop embarrassing yourself and get your sh. t together please. Respect yourself as a woman. Don't be needy.
    And yeah sorry to be harsh with my comment.


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