How could I break the news to my wife that I want a divorce?

As of the past 14-16 months my wife and I haven't really connected sexually and emotionally. But from the last 8 months or so I've been talking to a woman who is a co-worker of mine and we've both expressed our interest in each other. However, neither of us have acted upon what we've said to each other because I am married. I no longer sleep in the same bed as my wife and we very rarely talk anymore and I think I'm slowly falling in love with my co-worker. Should I break it off with my wife and ask for a divorce? If so how and when is the best time to do that? Or should I try to fix things in my already tattered relationship? Help me please


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  • Why can't you losers ever try to works things out instead of giving up. You made this happen she probably new that you liked a coworker. You probably been thinking about the coworker when your with your wife. Stop making up excuses for why you feel a certain way. That's your wife to have and to hold til death do you part. If you even think in your right mind that if you divorce her for your coworker. You will be a lost cause what goes around come right back around 20x hander. Somebody that you love will do you just like that. Go talk to her and communicate tell her that you don't feel loved and tell her you want to make things right. That is your wife why get married to get a freaking divorce. Clown


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  • You'd first put it to her that the 2 of you no longer have any sexual relationship happening.
    If you could get more from the occasional one night stand that you're getting at home, that should be obvious.

    She must be able to see that already, but may not want to admit it.

    Then you tell her you have a marriage which is only a financial contract. If there's no love or sexual relationship, it's time to end the contract and divide up the assets.


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  • Tell her you want a divorce because you're not in love with her anymore.


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  • Just be straight and to the point.

    Tell her this is not working out. I'm sure she sees it too. Things have changed between the two of you. And you think it would be best if we had some time apart.


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