He was polite and now he acts like a jerk.. whats up with him?

it has been 4 month since we broke up and we haven't talked since then... in the end of the summer we stayed one month without seeing each other and we didn't talk much and when we got back with of the school stuff going on we didn't talk at all... but when i saw him in the street he acted like nothing had happend and greeted me and sid hi whenever i saw him... but now he acts like i doesn't see me but i can tell he looks at me with the corner of his eye but when i look up he looks away or looks past me... one time i was runnig cz i was late for my german lessons and i wasn't really looking at the road cz i was texting and suddenly i saw my ex with the corner of my eye so i didn't really look up and he looked alittle surprised that he saw me... whats up with him he was so polite and now he acts like this?
and i have no ide why but before we broke up he was acting cold towards me i texted him and he returend just short texts and i got alittle mad cz i thought he was avoiding me so i unfriended him on fb... haven't talked since then


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  • Well you two broke up. Pretty sure he wants to forget everything that happened between you two


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  • Some people change, he probably doesn't want anything to do with you. I would give him space and not bother him or contact him whatsoever. My ex was polite to me when he and I had first talked in 8 months but he was just being nice that's all but who cares I'm not with him anymore. My ex is nice but also rude so I don't talk him whatsoever. Some people change, and he is probably acting like that because he may still have feelings for you just doesn't want to show it, who knows. Just don't pay him any attention I would just ignore him if I were you.


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  • Pretty sure it's because you two broke up.


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