*In high-pitched voice* "DON'T JUDGE ME"?

I mean I reckon that is bloody hilarious.

It is the same thing as a child rapist doing the deed, and telling the world to not judge him/her.
Yes, I do understand that judging a person is not the way one should live his or her life, but a normal, decent human being cannot help but feel disgusted and have bits of vomit rise up in your throat.
I am a lady that abhors people who cheat and I have a firm belief that there should be a way to detect people who are liable to cheat, put them on a desert island, and set fire to it. I reckon that is an appropriate punishment for them.
I don't know what you hope to get out of cheating on your partner who loves you, does everything for you. I don't mean to be vulgar but every d*** is the same and every p**** is the same.
I once wrote a question here under an anonymous guise asking if people cheated and why. One said to me " I just wanted to know how she felt when sucking my d***".

I went home thinking how desperate and cheap that person was. If you cheat on your parter, you are cheaper than a $2 crack hoe lying semi- conscious on the street.
To all you cheaters out there, how freaking dare you? I am a single lady and I am an amazing catch and I am waiting for someone who is not a hoe. How freaking dare you cause your loved one pain, suffering, give them a broken heart and maybe a disease.

If you want a better sex life, use your mouth for communicating to your partner instead of putting it on someones genitals.

That is all. Cue hate filled comments from people who cheated. Wait, let me do it for you:


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  • Where was the question.

    This would go better under MyTakes.

    • Oh, I did it to both :)

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    • Not a problem boo, I definitely will keep it on here and I will shame everyone else in the world. Now take your pinocchio ass out of my post

    • Well go stand somewhere else, I will do what I want Pinnochio. You better not tell a lie ;)

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