After a break up do I accept it? or fight to get you back? is winning you back a possibility if you broke up with me?

where is the line to stop chasing her and let it go? are there any hints that i should pick up on if she wants me to fight for her back? do girls like persistence or do y'all get annoyed and dislike us more? pls help I'm questioning everything


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  • If you truly feel like it's something special, then putting up a fight is one of the most romantically risky, selfless things you can do. Few people these days will experience that type of caring because people are typically trying so hard to be stoic. I say, go for it TEMPORARILY! Make it boldly clear that you care enough to patiently be understanding and put up a fight. If she doesn't reciprocate by the end of the month, then completely cut off all contact so you can begin your healing process.


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  • Just accept it. Even if it's possible you won't do it.


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  • If a guy shows me that he cares then I would date him so I think if you treat her well you might have a chance.


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