Why does my ex boyfriend that left me for somebody else still have 100 pics of me in his phone?

My ex and I had a bad break up because he was not like himself towards me. He left me for sombody else when I tried to work it out for some girl at his work place. And just forgot about me. He calley me told me he missed me he want to be friends but then started being rude and mean when I said no I'm changing me number. He told me that he has all my pictures in his phone and still had every thing I gave him. why though after he just up and leave me still have everything of me in his position? I just don't understand. He left me with all this heartbreak then tell me that. Can someone explain this I don't need advice I want to no what's the reason for this. Plus he has said lots me mean things saying he has no feelings for me after 2 years.


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  • Many guys tend not to delete pics from their phones, not all anyway, but 100? hopefully they were decent pics. I read a few things here that made me believe that you were probably the cause of this break up. Now i know that is something women hate to hear but people hate to hear the truth too. when i read
    "he was not like himself towards me"
    "when i tried to work it out"
    "when I said no"
    I thought to myself, maybe you weren't the cause of the break up but you sure as hell are the reason why its going to stay a break up. the first example you were expecting him to act a certain way and because he wasn't like that to you, you claimed there was a problem. secondly, in most cases, when a woman said "im working on it" im sure she's doing more harm than good. the better phrase is "WE should work on it". lastly, he reached out, in his own way, for friendship, but because of the selfishness streak you have going on, you sank the last nail in the coffin you buried your relationship in... you said no.
    Assuming you had said yes, there would have been a possibility of old feelings coming back up and you could have gotten him back. Now, he gone.
    As for those pics, they have nothing to do with anything, either he deletes them soon or his new girl will do it for him.

    • I no I acted childish the beginning an so did he I never cheated on him only thing with me was I had guy friends befor him and he didn't like it knowing I didn't like them n they had girlfriends. How did I bury it when he pushed me to leave him because he liked sombody at his job. How in the world do you want me to feel of course ima say something when I'm mad bUT he no I would never leave him for nobody he promised me he would never leave me no matter how mad we were. So please tell me how I buried us.. I cry everyday while he taking pictures of this girl showing it of snap chat an her social media..

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    • I want to contact him so I can get closure but it's gonna hurt me to talk to him knowing sombody else on his mine.. I can't sleep I can't eat.. I can't think right.. I'm just a mess...

    • message me...

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  • He must have get attracted to the other girl but later he would have miss you for the way you love him as the new girl would have not love him like that. So he must be missing you and want to keep friendship with you.

    • Okay. Tell me why u think a guy would want to keep a friendship with somebody they just hurt. And what was going to be so friendly after that? Tell me what you think

    • @Asker I think you hurt him first.

    • What makes you think that

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