Am I wrong to miss my ex boyfriend who was also my first?

I was dating a boy and he was 18 he was also my first and now I'm dating someone else who is 16 (im 15 by the way) and I still think about my ex sometimes and I miss him kinda im also a little jelous that he has a new girlfriend…is it wrong?


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  • Not really. You obviously just haven't gotten over him yet, which is why you're jealous. You'll get over him eventually, it's a great feeling when suddenly you realise you don't care anymore and you've moved on.

    • And like I have had many boyfriends in the past but for some reason I still think about my most recent ex is it because he was my first so there is a different conection

    • Yeah I guess so, you connected with him on a deeper level so it's harder to forget about that connection I guess.

    • Thank you!

  • no one really forgets their fist relationship, you will get over him but you will always have a soft side for them, cause they were the first that made you feel loved. its completely normal you will find someone else but the memories are always their, but after a while they will lose their sentimental value when you realize how better other people are


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