Why inform an ex your not giving back her journal and keep it if he has moved on?

He has a new gf that he was asking me for advice about. One day he came off on the attack when I tried to defend him in a joking way about her. Next thing I know our friendship we tried after we broke up a yr ago is gone. Over the holiday he texts me to inform me he is not mailing me a journal that I wrote (which was left in his stuff when he moved back home) and for me to move on. Why tell your ex this and keep the journal if you never read it and have moved on?(I've been trying to move on FYI but I still love him and he knows that.. That's beside the point in this confusion... I don't what I did wrong).


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  • It sounds as if he never intended to stay friends. He blames you for the break-up, but keeps a surface politeness. When you said the wrong thing about the new gf, you saw his true feelings. Petty, vindictive, childish.

    He's spiteful and mean. He has no good reason not to return the diary. You're well rid of him, even if you do still love him.


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