Would you contact to your ex gf is she sent you an apologie message?

I am just wondering of the perspective of guys. If your gf sent you an apologie message after the brake up but your already w someone new would you reply to her? With some kind words? or wouldn't bother to reply cause you're already happy w new girl. if you do reply and saying let's try to forget of all the harmful things we had. What's that mean? Is he saying it as have a good life kinda meaning? ?


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  • yeah i wwould reply
    would tell her its fine and i have moved on, would ask her if she would care to meet my girl and if she would like to friends with her

    • What about some other cases? Like your ex and your current gf hate each other. Your ex always dislike your current gf but you took your current gf's side and started to dating her. you were super annoyed by your ex's behavier but suddenly sent an apologie message. if you're happy w your current gf why would you even care to text back to ex?

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    • Unfortunately she is extreamly sexy. she's not actually crazy I made her look like she is. I played a victim to get my bf. I know I was wrong to him and her. he didn't seem so believe what she told him about what I did of course I told him she lied to get him back. I didn't know both of them when they were dating I only got to know them after their brake up but I hear he was in love w her but he got dumped so he was really mad at her and she even wanted get back together after she initiated the brake up so he was super annoyed by her. that was the time when he choose me over his ex. It's been a 3months since she's out of the picture but I wonder if I am just his rebound girl...

    • why do people expect relationships to last when they are based on lies?
      anyways whats done is done
      now i think whats best is to tell your boyfriend the truth, maybe that will keep him with you

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  • It depend how we end the realitionship if she cheated then send whatever message I would no respond or even say bad words but if separated for normal reasons of cource will answer in good way but no second chance

  • Depends why we broke up. I probably would reply but just to make sure she's alright, don't want to hurt her feelings by blanking her. If she cheated on me or was a total bitch during the relationship then I wouldn't reply, she means nothing! lol


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