My exs best friend just added me?

So me & my ex have been on & off for the past 2 months. Last week was are last off, since then I've blocked him on everything. (Usually he comes crawling back after a week). Anyways he's still blocked but this morning I received a friend request on snapchat from his best friend. He's had dnapchat a while so why add me now? Is he checking up on me for my ex? He would have been with him when he added me as they work together & would have been travelling to work. Ideas on the matter?


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  • Could be that he's checking up on you. If you're that adamant that your ex isn't in your life, I wouldn't add him.

    • Ehy would he want to check up on me?

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    • It could just be the ex's friend likes you or wants to get to know you better, I really don't know him or you, I'm wildly speculating from the list of possible reasons a friend of an ex would add you on snapchat.

    • His friends in a relationship. Oh well, if he wants to check up on me he can. It's nothing to do with him anymore who I see or talk too, he had his chance (many times) and blew it. He should be focusing on his new "love"

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  • If it ends up bad every time sometimes you should let it go. Ask yourself 'do you want your emotions to keep getting toyed with?' but if you do like him, go for it


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  • Doesn't snapchat automatically seek out people you may know? It may have zero meaning.

    • It does, but he's had my number for ages & could have added me when he first got snapchat. Why now?

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    • Maybe. I haven't got time for it anyways, I'm trying to move on with my life.

    • And I don't care about your life at all. So we all win.

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