Still trippin over this girl as I find out more and more?

Basically we dated for 2 1/2 years. She broke up with me over text and never talked to me again. 2 years later she came back, we re connected, she appologized for everything and we started dating again.

LITERALLY did the same thing again. I was long distance and she stated she was so thankful I forgave her and that she was changed. That if anything ever happened she would tell me and we would talk about it.

She cried the day I left but we talked and skyped all the time. She called me every day. Came back a month ago to realize that something was wrong when I showed up a day early. We got in a fight and she broke up with me over text again.

Later I learned she was basically having an affair with this guy for at least a few weeks. while playing me calling me saying "trust me baby your the only one i want I"m not doing anything with anyone else, I'm trying to hook this guy up with my friend". The guy is 35 too and she's 22.

Went back for Thanksgiving and had a beer with one of my friends, the subject came up. And he was like oh, I gotta tell you I made out with her like back in September, I didn't even know you guys were a thing. He's a good friend so he told me, but I guess she didn't even tell people about me, even though she told me that she did.

I'm having a really hard time soaking in how much she lied to me when she promised me she had changed/ sorta begged for me back. WAs this just some sort of trophy for her? or is she mental?


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  • Thats disgusting. I am so sorry that happened. Some girls just want you to want her even though she doesn't want you. The desire for you to desire her was so strong I guess she just went to stupidly long lengths.


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  • Dude, she's just a dishonest person. You don't want to waste your valuable time on someone like that. Go out and meet other women and look at this as a learning moment.

    Ofcourse what she did sucks. But luckily you found out now so you can move on.

    Next time you deal with a dishonest person, you'll know how to recognise it and act better.

    May you find the person you deserve, it's your birthright.


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  • She's not mental lol but she does seem like a hoe. I think its best if you just cut her out of your life. For good. Obviously she will NEVER be faithful.


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