I need help on how to deal with my ex.. As soon as I dumped him, he got a new girl who looks like me! I can't tell if I still want him?

We didn't date very long, but it was passionate. I broke it off because my gut never trusted him. His compliments and intentions always seemed generic. But now, his new gf looks so much like me, I can't help but think I'm at the top of his mind. He also sent a text message on Thanksgiving even though they were together! He still wants to be friends, and I'm not sure how I feel. I've been single and lonely, so this ex isn't looking half bad.. But it feels wrong. I'm torn!! Can exes really be friends?


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  • block/delete
    find a new guy
    this dude is too smooth
    he will only hurt you

    • Yes, the reason I broke it off initially was because he's too smooth and my gut says he's just a dishonest person. But, I can't help but feel hope that he'd be 100% loyal to me because I'm a catch.

    • well u r a catch so stop worrying about this ex
      and find a new guy

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  • If this is soon after your break up, chances are he's on a rebound with this new lookalike.
    Now assess if the reason you feel the need to talk to him is because you're feeling lonely or you do still have feelings for him and you think if you retry at the relationship it wwill most likely work, whatever the reason you broke up with him for.

    Because if not then try to avoid him but ofc the odd polite text might not be too bad but if you don't rink there's a future for you two try keep contact to a minimal whilst you both heel and you'll probably be able to find someone better than him that won't make you lonely anymore.

    • Thank you! You're right. Mostly, I'm just lonely and he's the only one showing attention. I don't think a relationship would ever work again because There were too many flaws and trust wasn't there.

    • Yeah exactly the attention does feel nice but there will always be someone else that can give you the attention, you just need to find them :) even if it only lasts a few weeks

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  • One thought went through my mind after reading the question, "his plan is working".

    • LOL good point. My ex seems like a player, but don't tell him that lol

  • No, they cannot.


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