How can a guy that once loved the life out of you go so cold for sombody else? Why does he get mad how I feel?

I broke up with my ex boyfriend I told him I needed a day not to talk to him he was being rude and nasty to me all I wanted to do was spend time with him on his birthday and take him out. But he always made up excuses why he didn't want to take me out in public. My feelings were hurt really bad. We had been together for 2 years happy and in love we had some arguments before we ended because he would give me the cold shoulder an I will always ask him what his problem is. Anytime we have an argument we will talk about it and move on but this one was different he texted an said he wanted to check on me and asked if I seen a new scary movie I said no and he said he haven't either. so after that he just said okay I wanted to say hi. I told him not to talk to me no more because I no were this was going I no he been acting some ways toward me for some reason he. So out of anger I told him please don't talk to me no more. He said he can anytime he want to. That night I called him he asked me why am I calling his phone I was shocked he has never said this to me and I asked him is he talkin to somebody else. and he said yeah. We just broke up 4 days ago. I asked who he said I new her but wouldn't tell me who. I asked how could he do that when he always told me he would hate me and never talk to me again if I did that. So I said are we done for good he said yea so I hung up he called back hours later I didn't answe their was no need to. After that we had agreed back and forth I told him he was dirty and thinks its funny like I was his first he was mine we new each others whole family like how could you. I found out a week later it was a girl from his job. I was so mad when he found out I new he texted me saying don't worry about me and he didn't do nothing behind me. I did not believe that because he was not even trying to take me and now u with somebody else. When he found out I new he was so mean about it. But he wants to to talk to him and be best friends
How rselfis is that and why does he want to stay in contact with me knowing Dann well I hate him and I never want to talk to him he no he hurt me soo freaking bad... I never left his side he never wanted people to give me advice about him. He hated it but he can take advice and leave me. I can't stop crying. I don't need advice I want to no why some guy act this way for what reason
And when I cryed he threatened to hang up the phone because I'm hurt how he did me


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  • Not sure really.


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