Does my ex boyfriend care?

My ex boyfriend called me mean things because I was made that he been liking a girl at his job and gave up on us. he said I was annoying and I was stupid but how I am I when he were just together for 2 years. But the next day after that he texted me and said happy Thanksgiving which was weird he just said all thsee rude things now he texting me knowing I'm hurt. So a guy that I talk to now texted him and told him donot talk to my girl you did this to your self and she is my wife and my lady now. My ex text back and put laughing faces and said wife. Lol ight bro.. what was that for and I did not even no my friend had sent hI'm that. He's not a guy that I date he is sombody that was just sticking up for me.


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  • I don't think he cares.. he's just being a dick.
    As soon as you stop caring, he won't be able to hurt you anymore.


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