The deceive of my true love whom I loved so much & madly?

I was living on rent in a house, where owner daughter was a good girl, she was 6years older than me. I knowed her from 2years but i proposed her 3months ago and she accepts. Everything was going alright but after 3months she surprisingly deceived me and blamed me that i forces to talk to her, and also that i blackmail her to love me. But i hadn't done this because i truly loves her but when i know that she is also in relationship with another 2guys. I really get heart broken after that i left that house from rent, becauseall peopleof theirsthink that i m wrong , on the day when i was lefting her house she was smiling over me, but i hadn't left her she has dumped me. About 1month ago she left me. Will she ever call me again. Because i m waiting for her.
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She has also blocked me on WhatsApp and Facebook and told a common frnd that she nevers want to see my face


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  • just move on buddy she's obviously not into u find another girl

  • i think no because she with 2 other gys and she seems like she would be liar about everything


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