Girls and Guys Trying to personalize a Christmas gift to win my ex back any ideas?

So my ex and I have been broken up however we are still not completely over each other he still kisses me and hugs me so... I really have a gift in mind which is apparel of his favorite band. I want to do more though like what make a card, wrapping unique? He likes art so if that helps.. please Any ideas would help.. i just want to make it a memorable heartfelt gift


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  • You guys are half broken up and half not broken up. The two of you need to talk and decide which one it is. You need to look at why you broke up in the first place and ask yourselves honestly what has changed. There must have been a reason. If that reason still exists, then you are fooling yourselves by continuing to act like you are still together. If your issues have been resolved, then decide if you really want to stay together. But the halfway in between relationship is just wasting both of your time.

    This has nothing to do with a Christmas gift, this requires HONEST discussion. A gift can not win your ex back. Only words, actions and honesty can do that. You need to be honest with yourself and honest with each other. There is nothing wrong with giving him a Christmas gift. You just have to know if you are giving it to your boyfriend, "just" a friend, or something else. If you want to use the gift as some kind of symbol to show that you still care, and maybe lead to the type of discussion that you need, that's fine. Just don't let it replace that discussion.

    As for what to get him, you know him better than us. If he likes art, just find something you think he'd like.

    But please don't let the "atmosphere" of Christmas sway either of your thinking. A relationship lasts, the atmosphere of Christmas is fleeting. You need to know which one it is.

    • I think my question came out wrong i know a gift would not change his mind but it would show him I cared and thought about him as for what you said it would be great but my guy shuts down and doesn't want to talk about a "relationship" so it makes it even harder to know what he's really thinking I only base it on his actions

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  • That s just a dysfunctional relationship of two people who are afraid to be alone and deal with themselves so going on and off. Whenever they are off, they freak out and get back together. This is no love and no gift will ever get you where you wanna be or who you wanna be with. Sad but true. Sorry to be mean.

    • Your opinion is merely an opinion and you don't know the full picture..

    • Then give the full picture.

  • Don't. And stop kissing and hugging your ex. It's normal to take a while to get over a relationship (sorry but no shit) and it's never going to happen if the two of you are still palling around.

    • It's easy to judge when you dnt have the full picture

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    • The principle was... people would tell me not to kill even though that's not the advice I asked for.

      Just.. never mind.

    • Finally... thank you

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