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My boyfriend and I just broke up recently. He decided to broke up with me but for me its really hurt and pain but I have no choice I just tell him I am letting him go coz I dont want to push myself to him. still pain... :( Do you think he still think of me? Do you think he appreciate me? Coz I remember we spent a lot of good times especially like I always look after him. Everytime he's sweating I always put a towel on his shirt and everytime we ate I always served him before me. Most guys, what do they think? Most girls, what is your opinion?


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  • If you act like you are ok with it then and don't contact him he will think of you and look back and appreciate what you did for him. I'm not saying that will make him come back, but I am saying he will feel like he missed out eventually. There is nothing you can really do right now. Go through the motions of feeling sad. If it's meant to be it will.


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