Is he jealous he says he's not?

Ok so I called my ex to see if he had my extension cord I let him borrow well he was my neighbor he roomed with one of myguy friends but they got into it so my ex moved out he didn't answer my text so I told him I would ask his roommate if he left the cord behind he got so mad started yelling asking me why I was trying to make him jealous and that he knows I still talk to his roommate what is his problem he says he's not jealous but it seems he is give your opinions..


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  • He's totally jelly.

    • Then I called him back and he was still mad he's like what I'm like nothing he's like ok bye I said ok bye sorry I wasn't trying to fight or make u mad he went crazy on me then he called back at 8 so I call him back and he didn't answer ughh I give up smh what should I do smh

    • I don't know.

    • Ok thankyou

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