Ever fall in love with someone but find out their taken?

So I always believed that it's possible to meet someone and know right away that they're the one. It's one of those rare moments that some people experience.

My best friend is going through that right now. She's one of those people who doesn't want to get married or has had doubts about love due to past relationships, but she's met someone who's changed her mind on that. She can't explain it, but the minute she met this person she knew he was the one.

Only problem is that she just found out the guy is married... and it makes this whole situation extra complicated. But to make things harder for her, the guy shows signs of flirtation. It's not one of those where he's a player and flirts with all girls. He tries hard to be professional about it all, but sometimes the flirting will slip and he'll try to play it cool. We all work together, and even I noticed the difference on how he acts around her compared to everyone else. If I didn't know any better, I would think he has a crush on her.

Whats a girl to do in this situation? Honestly, I believe that anything is possible. I know so many people who've met their significant other while with someone else and chose the proper way to break up with their gf/bf to pursue the relationship with the other person.

Do you think its possible that can happen for her too? Or is there any advice on what she should do? Maybe innocently flirt back or joke with him in a convo about having a crush on him before finding out he's was married to see his reaction?


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  • I've been there. It just suck, Sweetheart. There's no way to lessen the suckiness.

    • :/ So did you do anything about it at first? Whatever happened?

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    • I see.. Your answer helped a lot. Thank you!

    • Any time, Sweetheart.

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  • Hmm thanks god I can marry 4 women ;)

  • I did. I had to work with her every day. She was gorgeous, funny, clever, interesting... the list could go on. No wonder she was taken, the dude was a rich banker too!
    We got on really well and she knew I liked her, I knew she knew I liked her. I just tried to have a laugh with her when we were working but we never saw each other outside of work. At least I work elsewhere now and try not to think about it.


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