My man I used to love , but he broke my heart. then he's telling me he is not ok, can't move on.. It's not easy... Please help wht to do!?

I love this man , we both fell inlove but he seems like lost. After 3 years relationship from 2 years long distance I keep waited waited, then one moment he told me that he found my Profile on Craiglist but old one... Then when I admitted it was me... He was not happy... And continue to argue w me, until I break myself to lose temper and I told him that he is failure. He said he was hurt that is why he End the ralionshop cause he can't take the word. Then now he telling me, it's not easy, he can't move on... Heis not ok... What is this means to you all men? Pls help!


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  • You were mean.


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