Should I pursue my ex-girl or not?

broke up with my girl of 1 year and 3 months, we have not moved on both of us. she wants me to be her friend, she keeps saying she cares for me and tell me she loves me when she is tipsy. she has told me twice that we will never get back together but she keeps calling, asking for favors and i oblige cause i love her and told her numerous times.

this past Monday she came to my place and we had some insane sex for the 1st time in six months and it was great, but she still act like she doesn't need me but she will randomly call me every single day.. why doesn't she just tell me she wants me back? is this how girls who realized they made a mistake act?
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  • Have you ever told her that you want her back? Do it. I mean to it with style. She may not sure about herself. So just give enough time.

  • even thought am relationships hater and I start kinda dislike them I won't be mean to you because you look as a sweet nice cute guy.

    So here's the fact : we girl having high ego levels, we won't make the first move and yes we act like that when we know we made a big mistake so Listen even thought I hate saying this face her once for all, ask her this if she still love you she need to understand that she must stop playing games and tell you if she want you back or not, ask her if she wanna back to you, you would be happy to get her back if not she must leave you ones for all and forget you because you can't be her friend and having feelings in the same time, she must choose between back to you or leave, games ain't your style. be strong and clearly with her, don't be weak even if you are deeply in love with her, if she continue this game it's u who will be hurt in the end, don't be like that, don't let her use you, you are a guy so act as one.


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