Boyfriend just broke up with me what should I do? Please help I feel paralyzed I'm soon broken?

I'm 13weeks pregnant and i need him and love him so much. Been together for a year and two months now


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  • Charlie Chaplin's advice to her daughter, "Show your naked body to that guy only who falls in love with your naked soul".
    I got GOOSEBUMPS reading your question! He didn't deserve you anyways, you are way stronger and mature than him.
    Obviously, he is a low lying scum, who deserves a special place in hell! You are already on an emotional roller-coaster and he should have been extremely careful with you. Instead he just dumps you! If I had been ur close friend, I would have shown him what you are going through right now. My idea:

    First I would give him heavy dose of estrogen hormones to pump up his emotions. Then, I would give him kidney stones to show him what giving birth feels like! When he is going through all this, I would sell his ID to someone, and make him a beggar effectively! That will teach him a lesson!

    You need all the support you can get from your friends and family. Don't even bring his name in your mind, think about positive and peaceful things only. Start listening to motivational audios and songs. Try hard to forget him, remove all the stuff that reminds you of him. When you see any thing/place which has got his memories attached with it, your mind automatically starts craving for him. Oh, that baby also reminds you of him, but don't think of it as his child. Imagine that you got a test-tube baby, with an unknown person's sperms!

    Needless to say, you should start looking for a guy who really deserves you and is ready to accept your child as his own. Maybe you had friendzoned such a guy unknowingly! Just saying.


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  • That's a pretty low thing for him to do. You're pregnant with his child and he does this? Sounds to me like he is shying away from his responsibilities as a man. Right now, I hope you have family and friends you can lean upon for support! If he just abandons you and his unborn child, he doesn't deserve to be the father of your child! You deserve better!


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  • Omg so sorry I've just been broken hearted aswell so i no what ur going through


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