Seeing my old crush makes me sad?

I know we were never together I use to never see him and now I see him everyday and all the memories of him come back. Whenever I see him it shifts my whole mood for a day. It sucks. What should I do? Please help. How can he do this? He basically haunts me everyday on purpose!!!


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What Guys Said 1

  • Do you still have a crush on him? or does he have a gf? I mean... why are you sad?

    • Because he ignored me last year and humiliated me , its hard to see him.

    • oh... thats it? ignored, fine... i blame that one on you.. but how did he humiliate you is the part im interested in.

What Girls Said 1

  • It hurts. I know how you feel, but why can't you like him?

    • He basically ignores me last year.

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