Is she about to break up with me?

I'm 25 and girlfriend is 27. Today while she was at work she texted me. She said she was in tears and extremely hurt because she thinks it's apparent that I don't trust her. She said she went through her texts to see how sweet I was, but then ran into some texts that gave off the impression that I don't trust her. I tried texting her back, letting her know that I do trust her and wonder if she ok every hour of the day. She hasn't responded yet. I'm scared she's gonna dump me. I don't want another woman but her. What do I do?


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  • Make good surprise for her if u really love her and tell her stop thining in that way and hold her hand and tell her everything will be ok avoid sex in that day no pro kiss but if she already dumped u move on let her go
    Find out what she like and do it for her in surprise

    Or dinner at Least and sample gift
    I think it will help

    • She told me we'll talk tonight once she gets off work and when she gets off of her Pilates class. That's a sign she hasn't broken up with me.

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  • You need. to talk to her.

    • She said we will talk tonight. She's at work and then teaches a Pilates class.

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