How can you forgive someone for being unfaithful?

I found out my boyfriend of 5 years talked some women while we were going through a bad time. Things had been going very well for a long time now, but now i don't know if i can forgive him. He says nothing happened, but i don't think i can get over this doubt now.

Anyone thats been through this, was it possible for you to forgive the person? How did you do it? Is there something the person can do to help you forgive them? I can't think of anything that can help me forgive him.


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  • When relationships are going very bad, its common for either one of them to talk with someone else because it helps them forget about there relationship problems. And you wanting to break up with him so easily over someone is a clear sign that even you dont desire for that relationship to be fixed.

    I dont mean to be rude or anything but I wanna tell you how its both your faults. You both had n motive to fix this and rather then doing it, he decides to go somewhere else where he can feel a little sort of comfort. And you, deciding to break it off this easy.

    • You are being rude, i've asked for the advice. I want to forgive him, i want to believe that he was only talking these women. He says nothing happened, he just talked to them because he was lonely and miserable during that time. I just don't want to forgive him and he thinks he can do whatever he wants.

    • sorry i meant AREN'T being rude. i appreciate the advice.

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  • Then don't forgive him, he is a boyfriend and not a husband. He has shown you what he will do in bad times. If you have read your bible you will see that bad times are the times for a test and he failed. If it feels bad and the good book says it is wrong, why are you still dealing with it?

  • How is speaking with another women unfaithful? You're over thinking it. If he did cheat with you, there is no reason you should forgive him.

    • Its not like he's talking to a friend. I have a number of male friends just as he has female friends. This has never been an issue. He was talking to some women to see if he could possibly date them. thats what i feel is unfaithful.

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    • I never thought he would ever be the type of person thats capable of being unfaithful. I never questioned it. But now i don't know. He said he started thinking that i had found someone else to be with since we stopped seeing each other or communicating for that while.

    • There is no reason to continue a relationship if neither one of you are 100% of each other. You have been dating long enough to know if it's worth saving.

  • Just talking? I wouldn't consider that cheating at all

    • How do i know it wasn't just talking.. it was talking for the purposes of possibly dating.

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    • How will i ever know if he did or didn't?

    • Because he would have gone on dates.

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