Ex boyfriend told me he had sex with someone else?

So my lex found out I was talking to somebody i broke up with him because he was confused between me and his other ex girlfriend he had before me but he called me this morning saying how he dosent like me and asking can he take me to lunch and saying that me and him couldn't have sex anymore because they had sex last night and he just dropped her off at school and why would he call me at 7am as soon a she leaves to tell me that and she looks better then me by the way is a lie but he knew that would get to me and asking question about the new guy I'm with I think he's mad because i posted some pictures of a Michael kors watch this guy brought me and of me driving his car on snapchat and I know he saw it but he was just being really mean and rude to me and telling me how she's always at his house and all kinds of crazyness and after he got done being rude he asked me could he take me out during the day on my birthday before I hang out with him like what? Why like we agreed to be friends and he's always asking questions about this other guy and I don't even care what they do or ask about i told him I didn't want to be with after we had sex on Saturday and I guess that hurt his feelings and because i didn't call him and he start talking about i like dudes with money is he mad that the new guy drives a nicer car than him or what is its so werid like your with her why are you calling me after y'all have sex


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  • Sounds like he's having a hard time letting go and he's jealous at the same time. Sore loser maybe?


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  • You know, punctuation marks are on your keyboard for a reason. I didn't even get the whole thing but sounds like he's either jealous or just competitive.


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