Ex boy friend wants to be friends w me all of sudden but he's got a gf?

so long story short, I broke up w my ex bf few months ago and it was pretty messy, nasty break up. him and I hated each other cause his current gf. she basically came between him and I told him about how I hated her ( she told him that I was jealous of her cause he was way too nice to her she even told him that I slapped her which I didn't ) anyway she's that kinda girl. But I believe he doesn't think she's what she really is. so far I know he thinks breaking up w me was a good thing so he found soul mate. To me it looks like he loves her so much anyway so there's no reason why he wants to talk to me again either there was something she did wrong to me or not. he choose her over me anyway. he should just be happy not carrying about how mad I am. We had no contact for a several months and recently I sent him an apologie message about how sorry I am about breaking up w him and wish him happy w her I even said they look cute together. Since he was super mad at me about told him about what his current gf did to me I am sure he didn't even believe what I said he prob thought I made up things to make him leave her. so I didn't expect to get a reply from him but he replied he didn't say sorry but he asked if we could forgive each other. now I am confused what motivation he has to say this?


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  • He means nothing by it. You are reading too much into nothing.


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  • He obviously chose her over you and with things turning "Nasty,' summergirly, the "He said, she said" should have been lost and forgotten When-----I know he thinks breaking up w me was a good thing so he found soul mate.
    You opened a small can of worms by Contacting him after everything that was said and done to make you look like you were the one who had egg all over your face. You should have not had to feel you had to stoop to his level by sending this 'Apology message' and blah, blah, blah... he didn't deserve That from you. And with him replying in the way he did, he didn't feel an Apology was in order for even Anything he may have said and done to you and by Asking you if 'We could forgive each other' is a way of letting himself off the hook with the guilt he has been feeling ever since the day he allowed another Chick come 'Between him and I' in your own love nest that ended up flying south.
    Good luck. xx


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  • Cordiality. :3


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