I need just some words or something to help me get through this. Please help?

Hey everyone,

I posted a question about the way my boyfriend treats me a week ago and everyone (the ladies and guys) told me that his behavior was selfish and rude and that I should break up with him. I didn't though because I still love him and he was my best friend. We talked every day for hours Ave pretty much texted the whole day... Until he changed. Well it got to a point 2 days ago where I was just mentally done and I couldn't take it anymore and broke up with him. However, I'm having a really hard time with it now. I miss him a lot but I know that I did the right thing... Also, how could he hurt me the way that he did.. We were best friends. I don't even know where it started going all wrong. Help me please? What can I do? I talk to my other friends but obviously it's not the same.

Thank you for your replies in advance.
I can't talk to anyone of my friends about this cuz they're mutual friends and it seems wrong. I just needed a friend right now and I didn't know where else to go. Thanks to those with the replies that came out the other end (not the mouth). I hope that you have better people to talk to when you go through a break up.


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  • Try to focus more on yourself and do things that you like to do. I think you can get through this and get over him. Break ups are very hard and are never easy. And it could take weeks and months before you heal. So it will take time and a lot of patience to get over him. But you can do it if you put your mind to it. Don't loose hope.


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  • There there...

    • I don't know how to take this. No one says there there..

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    • Lol that's how I feel about you right now. I didn't know how to tell you, so I gave you and example.

    • k ...

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  • In relationship it just happens and in life in general. Friends, boyfriends etc. will stab you in the back, or hurt you it's just the way of the world. Time heals all wounds and eventually you will be able to live a life without him. It just takes time.

  • It's only been a short time. It takes time. Keep telling yourself what you wrote here " I couldn't take it anymore" also remind yourself "how could he hurt me the way that he did? We were best friends." It doesn't matter where he started to go wrong. Don't think about that.
    It's not your fault. Why would you want a lifetime of this?

  • Here's some words for you.


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