He broke up with me because I wanted to spend time with him... now what do I do?

About 3 weeks ago, this boy i started talking to asked me to be his girlfriend. We never hung out before, but me having no relationship experience I said yes. So I kept suggesting plans for us to hang out and every single time, he would say he is busy. Immediately! Without even thinking! So I got fed up with it. Today he knew I was upset. We were texting about it and I told him I'm upset because he doesn't have time to break up with me. And without even taking a chance, he broke up with me because apparently if i'm "not willing to wait" then I'm "not committed." He said he can't hang until mid January or February! So I said we can still be friends and he basically said no!!! Well... now what do I do? I didn't want to break up with him.. but I guess I can move on easily because tomorrow would have been only 3 weeks. Help!


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  • He isn't right for you, he doesn't deserve you. I would move on if I were you and never look back.


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  • He didn't want you :( move on and find someone who does

    • Whatever I'm fine with this because I'm still not over my past crush.

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