Anyone date a mummys boy?

If so did that mother breakup ur relationship?


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  • No and I never will
    I need a manly man
    Not a sensitive one

    • Omg!!
      I felt as thou i was the one calling all the shots in our relationship:(...
      He broke up with me an i no its cos of his mum!!!
      Now im sitting here trying too stop crying since we whur together for 3years😒😒😞😞

    • I'm sorry :( we will talk in the inbox

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  • Oh come on girls say yes you like mummy's boys & their mother didn't brokeup ur relationship. :D

  • I'll have you know my love for both women endured!


What Girls Said 1

  • My last boyfriend was very much a mummy's boy which I respected at first, but we went out for just over a year and it got out of hand, at 17 his mum baby's him so much as in packs his bags, hangs up his uniform makes his bed. They used to cuddle in bed and watch films. Personally it made it hard for me because he was so used to not having to do anything and was just to immature. When we did break up (because we argued all the time and he lied about going off with girls behind my back) his mother bitched about me to her 'friends' but those friends told me.
    I think in some cases (not all!) it makes the boy (well it did in my case) disrespect girls, expecting them to do everything for them whenever they want. I think it's lovely in some cases if they have brought up 'right', it all depends on the boy and his family

    • Omgg i feel for you!!!
      Its pretty hard i just coming out of a 3year relationship my ex is a mummys boy an we i no he denies it but i no we broke up due too her we used to fight an everything over her
      An i used to do all the cleaning in our place (we lived together) and i felt like he didn't want the responsibility of growing up so he gave up on us an moved back too his mums i must say i was inlove with him

    • He just said he doesn't love me anymore

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