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So an old friend of mine came back to the country this summer. She used to be a good friends girlfriend and at the me we were all quite close. I always had feelings for her but kept it hidden. In the summer spent the night together (no sex) kissed and cuddled etc. Before she left she told me she wished we had met earlier. After we Facebook messaged everyday and she would tell me how much she missed me and that she was thinking of me. I've been gong tough a difficult time personally and she told me she was too. I as was supposed to go visit her after she went on holiday. Before she went on holiday she aid she was burned out and couldn't cope at work ad that needed to be alone. During this time I noticed a guy on Facebook was chatting her up on holiday she met his guy and he posted a picture of them hugging (on elephant). I just kind of knew they were seeing each other. I deleted her from Facebook and Skype. Which I regret and hen contacted to ask what went on. She told me that she did see him and we had a big fight infact two big fights and I said some things shouldn't have. It hurt she was avoiding talking to me an some of posts were rude, but she is German. She told me she doesn't want to lose me as a friend and in order to go on she needs to be by herself to sort her life out. I've given her space now I notice the other guy is going to an event I was invited to by her on Facebook. He Iives on another continent but his sister is her best friend. Have I been played? What do I do? And most importantly should I send her a Christmas gift she was very kind to me in time of need, and I know she was upset with the things I said but I was kind of upset to. We both had failed relationships because of cheating and had told me she hated chatters. But she also told me she had an awesome time with his guy. Africa lions tigers of course she did. I have noticed on pinintrest she has been looking at gifts for long distance relationships. I Just wonder who? :(
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  • I personally think she is much more into the other guy
    and you will never graduate past second place.

    I would forget her completely.

    • agree girls have that ranking system sorry

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    • The ex was Australian. Read below. She spent all of her twenties with no fun.

    • Perhaps there is a ranking system, but I can't believe some two bit graffiti artist has a rank on me when I spent a month being asked to sign a form I never did. Drunk and angry. Not by you just I really love her and everybody on his web shit is women. No men. Gift of the gab I suppose. She even signed up to pinintrest to follow him and his profile pic has him hugging another woman. I know some women like a Hastert but Christ sake I can take some and give a little back.

  • give her gifts give her. maybe your dick.


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