Should I pursue my ex after no contact period? He went silent but I believe my actions hurt him?

My ex went silent after we broke up I have been in No contact for 60 days sent a text after that period and got no response. Sent a text for the holiday and got response, called wk after and no answer via phone... I didn't leave a message, should I try again?


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  • Nah. I avoid exes. What's done is done.
    There's nothing you really can do to help him out you know?


What Girls Said 1

  • I think he was just trying to be polite over the holidays.

    He have social media? Start liking some of his new stuff as he posts them.

    Are you doing the best in your life? Successful women are very attractive to men.

    Guys are more assertive biologically and trust me, he'll reach out if he wants you back in some form or another.

    What worked for me after no contact is the above plus I'd make small comments on his IG photo. Also helped that his gf wasn't giving him attention lol


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