Ex vents about his ex to me but sleeps with me? :(?

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Ex n I dated in an open relationship for about 5 months since I was going through a break up of 4 years, unable to fully commit. Even though he said it was ok, he was pretty much dying inside so he found someone eventually who gave him the attention he needed and that girl ended up breaking up with her bf of a few months for him.

We didn't know about each other's break ups, but I broke up with my bf and he broke up with his gf the same day for cheating. They both have been acting cold to us. He was dating her for 3 months and I was with my bf for just a month. The day he broke up with her he texted me and asked me to meet him at a club. We met up, had fun, he bought me drinks, we slept together to make it short. The next day he took me to breakfast with his friends and he told me how much he missed me but I could still tell he was sad over his ex.

She treats him really poorly, like she is a child and leads him on (yes sort of like how I did before) and is not fully 100% in the relationship. They aren't back together, but he hopes. I told him I'm always here for him to vent to cos I care n I want him to be happy. He texts me sometimes and is really flirty (even though they "sort of patched things over" but not in an actual relationship). Like last night we were having fun exchanging texts about our day n all of a sudden he sent me a screenshot really upset that his ex ddnt text him back all day. I gave him sound advice and said she isn't fully in it and its up to him if he wants to wait since she's probably still doing things with the person she cheated on him with cos she couldn't choose between the both of them thats why they broke up.

We exchanged a few texts about that then all of a sudden he acted like he was fine like and no goodnight or anything (was pretty late) and he just read my message this morning.

I don't know what to think :( I do care for him n want him to be happy but I want him to come back to me, not me go to him.


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  • Just chill girl! He isn't worth it. Believe me, I know what I'm talking about. A guy who still hopes to get back together with a cheating GF is really desperate. That, or he's a masochistic person. Either way, I don't think he's really boyfriend material. Maybe you can date me instead :p


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