Confused I don't know what to do?

Him and I had been talking for 2 years but we never came Out and said it. We just went with the flow. He always wanted to know where I was and who I was with. He talked loud when I was on the phone until he realized it was a woman. So for the last 2 months he been getting these early morning/late night calls from this lady she also texts him constantly. I saw one of the texts and it said hey sexy. They meet up but he don't know that I know. So I confronted him and he said it was nothing, but he never stopped talking to her. So I was fed up and couldn't take it anymore so I broke up with him and told he could have her. He ignored me and tried to act like nothing has happened. So for the past 3 weeks she haven't been calling or texting him. Now he is into me again but I ignore him. He say I'm doing him wrong and I should look over that one mistake and focus on all the good he has done. I feel like I'm his backup plan since she don't want anything to do with him right now. Am I wrong for ignoring him and feeling this way.


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  • I am a bit "Confused" myself here, sweetie, for you are saying on One hand, 'He and I had been Talking for 2 years but we never came Out and said it...'This is telling me that he never slapped you with Exclusive Nor Official and with this being said----They meet up but he doesn't know I know.
    Apparently, you 'Don't know' what else is really going on behind the iron curtain with your cutie who has somehow or another, left you in the dark about your so-called "Relationship." I am seeing you both together, however, Not 'Seeing' anything so concrete here that is telling me you both had more in store.
    What I do know is this, and it doesn't need to be etched in stone here, dear, he is Not into a Real relationship, doesn't want to be hooked a the hip and is making plans and Doing things behind your back because he is comfy in your relationship you have now of Possible Friends with benefits and doesn't want to lose this.
    Unless you have had "The talk" about any agreement, then no, you shouldn't be 'Ignoring him,' but yes, you are human, so 'Feeling this way' is normal in what you're feeling. If you want this to go back to be even the way it was, sit him down and have a serious convo and get all your ducks in a row. If you are feeling you want more than you're getting, then be a straight shooter with this. And if you find he just wants to be a free bird and not have to answer to you, then it's your choice, your call to either take it with a grain of salt Or----Let it go dead in the water because he can't be trusted, should he point out to you he doesn't want to be two birds of a feather right now.
    And while you are squawking to him, also talk turkey to him That---------He always wanted to know where I was and who I was with and... this doesn't constitute a couple Nor does 'We just went with the flow.'
    Good luck. xx

    • Ya it's a Little confusing and I was stupid for just going with the flow. He knew he was wrong because he would try to hide this stuff from me but I found out. We stay together and all he do now is throw hints out about how much he like and misses me, but I ignore him.

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    • No, you can't trust him and he will probably (If he hasn't already) keep doing it but still want you around because he has gotten "Comfortable" with you and also if one falls and fails, h ewould have you... no, you can't trust him but I do think you both should have gotten on the same page about a lot of things... Not sure what you can call something like this but maybe a cutie convenience that is more than friends with benefits... for someone like him who is not ready for areal relationship, maybe it is best to move on now tha tyou have found out what he really wants. xx

    • Thank you so much and happy to be here for you, dear.:)) xxoo

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  • well u r wrong and right
    u r wrong because u broke up
    and you are right because he did use you as a fall back girl
    now u need to ask yourself the question if he is worth forgivig or not

    • Y was I wrong for breaking up with him

    • because if u have been with him for two years and he was messing with some other girl
      u should have broken his fingers and phone and beaten him with a bat till he looked like mashed potatoes

    • If I wasn't afraid of jail, I would of tried to kill him.

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