How do I tell my friends I'm going to breakup with my by?

I've decided that I want to breakup with my bf. It's only been 3 weeks and all we talk about is sex and he wants it so bad. I keep saying no, but he keeps asking for it. I'm a virgin and so is he, but I'm not ready yet. He even asked me for nudes.
So I don't like being treated like dirt and want to breakup with him.

But the problem is that my friends think we're so good together and we all hang out sometimes. If I were to tell them we broke up, they might laugh at me or say I picked the wrong person because I haven't had a previous boyfriend.

Do I tell them what exactly happened between us? Or do I tell them to mind their own business since it's between me and him?


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  • You don't have to tell them. If you choose to, just say you're not together because he was pressuring you and you don't need that, and while you appreciate their opinions, you don't want them, you just need their support.


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  • What your friends think means NOTHING AT ALL... EVER!!!

    Have some self respect, trust YOUR OWN INSTINCTS and do what is right
    for you.

  • he is a jerk forget about him. u need someone to love and respect u... stop worrying about people... they dont care


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