Should I break things off with him if he's leaving?

I started dating this guy a few months back. Everything was going great. We have a mutual friend who would tell me that he never stopped talking about me. He and I talked about wanting it go somewhere and we were getting closer.
He's a sophomore in college and started freaking out about what he wanted to do with his life. He jumped from one idea to another in the few months we dated. He started getting stressed out became distant. Over the course of a few weeks he pushed me away completely and broke it off.

A couple weeks later he started texting me apologizing and one day finally told me he was scared because he realized I felt as strongly about him as he did about me. He said he felt like an idiot for ending it because I'm the best person he's ever dated. We started talking again and he said he made the decision to finish school even though he didn't know what he wanted to major in. He seemed like he had finally made a decision. He is in the army reserves and told me he would think about going active in a few years after he graduates.
The very next day he told me he decided to go active now and he's leaving for basic training in 3 months, but he will be gone for 4 years. He made this decision in less than a day because of advice an old teacher gave him apparently.
Anyway, we went on a date and had a really good time together. It seemed like nothing had changed. We've continued to talk for weeks. But today he texted me and told me he isn't sure about dating knowing he's going to be leaving for 4 years soon. I told him we should talk about it in person and he agreed.

Should I just break things off with him even though I still have a lot of feelings for him?


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  • Yes!
    He made the decision to go to the army, why wait around? These are the best years of your life!


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  • I would break it off personally. yeah it might hurt but it will hurt even worse the longer you drag it on, especially if he ends up breaking your heart in the end. He didn't seem to put any thought about you and the relationship when he jumped to this decision to be gone for 4 years, so don't include him in your plans for the next 4 years. best of luck!


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  • Yeah, he sounds serious about this army thing that you were number 2 to him. Just break it off miss.


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