Giving up on the long distance?

My old fuck buddy and I were texting. We haven't been communicating much because I recently moved and he's been really busy; he just got a second job, a new car, a new place.

We were goofing around sending each other funny meme texts, then he sent me a funny screenshot about someone saying they needed space. I laughed and sent him one afterward, he read it but didn't reply. I asked him if that was how he felt-- if it was a subliminal message. He read it and didn't respond.

I'm usually good at reading between the lines, it's now been 2 weeks since we spoke. I'm really hurt honestly, I was hoping that there was a deeper connection between us than just fuck buddies. We've been friends for years but only recently became intimate.
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  • Just move on.


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  • This sounds so much like me situation except I'm the guy and I'm in your shoes. He needs space obviously. If your meant to be something more it will work out. If not I'm sure you can find someone that will appreciate you.

    • I wanted to maintain a friendship but he obviously doesn't. I never told him or even implied that I wanted us to be together. I just don't understand the "space" thing because we haven't been talking on the regular due to my move.

    • By deeper connection in the description I meant a friendship, not just fbs.

  • It all depends on how much you guys trust each other. If you do, unconditionally, then give it some more time.

    • I think I should just move on honestly. I'm over a thousand miles away and he already showed me with his actions that he doesn't care. Thank you for your input though :).

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