Wal-Mart Psycho. Please help!

Ok, so my ex and I have been over for a little over a year now. He dumped me via Facebook for some Beats by Dre headphones, and an idiotic lie his male cousin made about me. He laughed in my face when I was crying, and would bring the girl he cheated on me with to my place of business and make out with her in front of me. Some times passed and I got over it, I became happy and decided to let karma do my bidding. He lost his job and now works at my local walk-mart, and I got a job working in a corporate office doing what I love. He now follows me around that walk-mart, that is only 5 mins from my house, my mother and I switched cars he thought it was me and followed her for 20 mins until her realized it wasn't me, and whilst at the gym he'll mug my male friends, and brothers, and tell them to stay away from me. Oh and he's 31! I don't know if I should get a restraining order or not, and I don't want to inconvenience myself because I did what he asked and left him alone. I don't know what to do but it's kinda weird and creepy. Maybe I should take to him and tell him to deuce? I NEED HELP!!


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  • This is kind of outlandish and unbelievable. You need to document these instances, starting right now by writing down everything you remember or can reconstruct. You have observed this person, so you can guess better than I can whether you need to involve the authorities.

    • He's always been really mellow around me, until his cousin was released from prison, so I don't know. I've never had this happen to me. My mom said maybe he just wants to talk to me, but I've seen too many crime shows to trust that. I'm just confused and a little worried if he's suffering from some mental breakdown, I was with him for 3 years and no matter what I would want him to get the help he needed.

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    • Just make sure you have dates and times appended to everything.

      If you're not afraid of him, that should be good enough for now. Love and sex make people do weird shit. There may not be any logical "why".

    • thank you, I will keep this in consideration.

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