My friend's GF just broke up , he doesn't know why and it's tormenting him. Should I ask GF why? Or will that make things worse?

My friends and his GF have been in a relationship for 2 years now, (his first) and a week ago, she said she 'lost the spark'. Me and him both thinnk its something else, because according to my friend, she has been acting weird. My friend and I are both engineering students, so we are often presssed for free time, especially in finals week, so maybe they werent spending enuf time. But he doesn't think thats it. I dont know many details, but Im wondering whether I shud ask her whats going on, and if so how would i approach that. She is well aquainted with me, as we are all students in the same univ, and we all have hung out before, studied, etc. My friend has had a lot of things going on in his life going on for the past two years. His mother passed away a year ago, and things at home are not favoring well. Along with his finals, you can see that tthis "break up" is devastating. He usually confides things with her and now has a hard time studying for finals. Im afraid that his academics might take a hit because of this, so as a friend im trying to look out for him and help him through. He hasn't been able to sleep for a week and I had no idea why until he told me about this a couple days ago. Any suggestions are helpful! Thanks!


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  • I think the best you can do is be there for your friend. Spend time with him, talk to him, listen to him, do things with him.

    I don't think she is lying about the reason why she broke up. You say that she was acting weird and hence your friend believes that "losing the spark" cannot be the real reason. However, in my opinion, those things go hand in hand. She probably did lose interest and hence was acting weird for a while because breaking up is always hard, and she might have had an inner conflict for a while.

    Like I say, be there for your friend, that is really all you can do at the moment. I am sure that once some time has passed your friend and his ex-girlfriend will be able to have a conversation about it, but right now the timing doesn't seem to be right.


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  • If she's been in a relationship with him for at least 2 years, she probably won't have a reason (that she can think of), or even need a reason.
    If your friend had been doing anything that she didn't like, she would have already told him. He could be a more perfect man than ever, and it's still likely to happen.

    Read this, to find out why most women can't stay in love for long in a long term relationship.


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  • There's honestly no point in asking. Because she said she lost interest, and that's most likely the reason. Usually people think about it for a long time before they actually break up when they've lost interest; which was probably her case.

    Long relationships last because both partners work equally hard to keep that spark, and keep memories of why they fell in love in the first place. An old man told me that, and he's been with his wife for about 58 years.

    My plan is anytime I would feel my boyfriend slipping, I'd just go to where our first date started. But he says he's happy, so I trust his word.


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    Because you never know, you support him and call his girlfriend a cheap whore, then a week later when they get back together you have to go to the Hallmark and get her a "Sorry I called you a cheap whore" card.


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