I still want to be friends, but I think he hates me?

There was this guy over the summer and we did some things together, and i didn't want to continue with him and we gradually stopped speaking and chatting over Facebook and in real life. He wished me a happy birthday and all but when i saw him the other day he seemed to be ignoring me. But i went up to him and said hi and had a short basic convo and then he spoke to his friend and i left. Does he hate me? I still want to be friends do you think it would be weird? I have a feeling that he was ignoring me though...


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  • If he really loved you he would've been so happy to have you talking to him again. So possibly what you've been doing was just based on appeal. Now if that is the case and I think it is.. Consider him as a weird friend I don't know :D


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  • My experience was he wanted me so much. I said I wanna be friend. So he kind of angry somehow. However, it may not same case.


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  • You feel a connection with him, and you don't want that to go away. Unfortunately, "just friends" is an inherently dishonest arrangement. It's also selfish: he'll always be suspicious of your intent if he hangs around - you get a male "girl"friend, he gets an awkward not girlfriend/not enemy/not really friend.


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