Best friend lied me and my girlfriend then stole her?

So it's been like 2 months since she dumped me but in the meantime i found out a lot of lies which he told both me and her and how he departed us and intervened in out relationship , he kinda gave her a lot of attention and flirt when i had some fights with her but ofc he lied so much.. i even have proofs and i already set up a meeting with both of them so i can confront him in front of her and expose all the lies, now i only wonder how much time it will take for her to believe me and see how manipulative he was with both of us, what do ya think?


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  • I wouldn't even bother. Fuck 'em. They deserve each other! lol.

    • well i wouldn't like her to be around her since he is a very bad influence for her (drugs, smoking etc) and i'm gonna show her the real him , even if she doesn't get back to me i'm still gona beat the shit out of him in front of her!

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  • she dumped u u still want her back to u !! Have some pride

    • i don't even know if i want her back... a part of me still wants the other one doesn't.. it'e weird i dont even know why i care anymore.. xD

    • U old enough to know what to choose
      It's sample she dumped u u must forget her and move on and u must be wise to not revenge thats all
      But forgive her I think u well be kinda stupid sorry for that

      Leave them alone its better

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