Please help me, It seems that I am the reason of my cousins break up?

Okey, so this is what happened with my cousin. She went out with this boy secretly and she told me. I was okey with it but once I had a fight with her boyfriend because I was angry at something else. I never mean to hurt him or her, but he start saying that I was jealous of them and I never take care of my cousin properly. It is not true I do care about her. So then I said sorry to him because I felt that it wasn't fair on him that I let out my anger on him. Then couple of days after, my cousin stopped talking to him for some reasons and he asked me one night to tell her that he misses her. So I said okey, then my mom seen the message. So she knew that my cousin is going out with someone secretly so therefore she told my dad. Then he told my cousin's mum. Now it seems that I did everything on purpose. My cousin is angry at me and so is her boyfriend what shall I do. Thanks for understanding me.


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  • You aren't responsible for your mom seeing the message, They were hiding their relationship from relatives, never a good idea. And apparently the guy antagonized you, not a good idea when he's trying to keep things secret from his gf's family

    naturally they look for someone besides THEMSELVES to blame.. You don't need to apologize to anyone here.

    • thanks so what shall I do now, shall I tell my cousin the truth? Well when she start answering my calls :/

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    • thanks really helps

    • Glad I could help! you're fine here.

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  • Partially yes you are. You should have hidden the messages.

    • Nope. Wasn't her responsibility to do so.

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    • @ArabianPwincess197, I don't think it was her responsibility to hide an obviously unapproved relationship. Call me old fashioned, but you don't date a girl or woman without her dads permission, which you ask for. So, it was not this girls responsibility to hide it. Sorry.

    • @trueblueinfantry - now a days not many girls ask their parent's permission before dating though

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  • Tell them kiss my ass


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