Girls , I need your advice on this lmao?

Ok so i've been with my gf for 9 months now, at first she was REALLY shy but with the help of you GAGers i was able to move things up and now i grab her butt/ kiss her sensually etc. at first it was just little kisses here and there but now it seems like she loves making out with me. But lately i've been giving her neck kisses and i noticed when we kiss for a while she starts pulling me closer and grabbing me hard as if she was getting wetter & wetter. So my question is, is it wrong to rub her down there? Im not gunna finger her yet or have sex but would/did you feel weird when you were a virgin and they did that to you? Im not a noob to sex and all that but i really like her and she's not like those dumb girls that let u do whatever u want to them lol which makes it harder cause i dont wanna fuck anything up , well thanks in advanced!


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  • You can slowly move to her hips and then go down more --> move to the front. If she doesn't want you to she will stop you. Or you can talk to her about it and ask her if she wants to go further then just kissing.


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  • I don't see what's funny. I am disappoint.

    • it was an accident , sorry 😃

    • Understandable. Forgiven.

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