Why does my ex do this and so mixed feelings but ignore when I ask him why?

My ex and I had a bad break up we were in love and each others first everything. He changed and started pushing back and I will be their and say we can work it out. But I don't know what was going on in his head he accused me of cheating when all I did was have guy friends. He always told me I hurt him when I really didn't. He broke my heart when we broke up he wanted to be friends but I couldn't he told me he love me and he miss me, and that he also looks at my pictures in his phone everyday. Also right after we broke up he got with somebody at his job and said it was my fault. But every time I asked him if we couldn't work things out he say no we agree to me. So I gave up but I was also angry and I said some mean things na he did to befor me and after. If he feels this way than why does he want me to be his friend and why does he have to acrlt like my feelings don't matter when I tell him but he wants us to be their for each other.. I never cheated on him we been together for 2 years


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  • He seemed to have a lot of insecurities and be a bit bipolar. It's best that you split and it might be best to break contact, stay single for a while and learn more about yourself and what you want in the person who you want to be with. The relationship between you two was unhealthy, and thus it didn't work out and it won't work out. Move on, gather yourself and look forward to a better future. I wish you the best

    • Thanks.. in your opinion why after we broke up he was trying to talk to me after he told me he liked somebody else. N when I didn't reply to his messages fast enough he will say I see his messages why was he all in my grill asking me who Im dealing with but he want tell me about him.. and why does he get mad at me when I tell him he wrong for 2 years to leave me for somebody else.. why is he trying to hang on to me? When we talked trying to have closure he saI'd he couldn't wait for the day we spoke. But when I asked him where he did me like that he say he dont no... why is he trying to hang on to me saying he want me to stay in his life. After all this

    • You're welcome. All you discribed are attributes of his insecure and possessive nature. Plainly he doesn't want you, but he doesn't want you to be with anyone else. That actually reinforces my opinion of cutting all ties from him, As you can see, its affecting you in such a way that it makes you wonder to a lengthy unhealthy extent. He is a negative influense in your life right now. Cheerish and learn from the good times youve had with him, in turn learn from the mistakes made in the relationship but don't let it consume you. Stop wondering all these why's because they won't fix the past, only occupy your present and warp your future. Focus on the road ahead, leave him in the dust. Closure isn't given by another person it comes from within. It's called acceptance. Accept how things are now. Move on.

    • Yea your right... my feelings are vanishing.. I'm moving on but Ino I may have done things he didn't like but he no I never cheated he shouldn't have pushed me away to break up with him so he can be with somebody else. He promised me and I believe in him like crazy we were engaged we lost a baby and he leave me for somebody that messes with his friends smh... I no my mouth can be foul n when I get mad I can't hold my anger but that's not right at all I never cheated

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  • For starters, I think he only got another girlfriend to make you jealous. He's only doing this to get over you, but he can't. He doesn't want to admit that he still loves you. In my opinion, he's wrong for accusing you of things that you never did. Plus, if he doesn't want to make it work, then why are you friends with him if he doesn't care about your feelings? If I were you, I wouldn't waste my time. Just focus on yourself and be happy!

    • Yea your right but he is my first everything we were like serious he bought me a ring his family new mine did everybody loved each other so it's not that easy then the girl he with taking pictures of them posting it everywhere as soon as she found out we broke up

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  • Forget him. try me instead.

    • I'm serious lol

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    • He's a crazy bugger. Let him be crazy all by himself over there.

    • I'll try lol

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