Are dumpers affraid to reach out after dumpee, after months of No Contact?

Just wondering... Girls please give your take on this. Sometimes a breakup can be harder on the dumper, than the dumpee...


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  • I can see how that could happen. If I dumped someone, I might be reluctant to talk to them because they might still be mad at me. That's if I WANTED to reach out to them though.

    But in general, if you get dumped & the person hasn't reached out to you, it means that they aren't interested anymore.

    • Thanks a lot for your reply. This question was more like: IF you still were interrested, or had changed your mind, would months of No Contact make you affraid to reach out?

    • No not really.

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  • So are you wanting to reach out? Do you think you made a mistake or is it just to talk, hang out that you want to contact them? I am not sure how the breakup ended and so forth. But I would say if the dumped wound up heart broken, then it may not be fair to start up feelings again... Guess I need more insight thought :/

    • Just a general question. I've been dumped and have talked to others who are also in No Contact like me. It seems like everybody is just waiting for the dumper to changes their mind and reach out. And it seems like it is 50/50 who does. So it made me wonder if the dumper could be affraid to do so.

  • I think more often then not, the answer is no. Dumpers have the upper hand and it's easier for them to initiate contact. If they aren't, they probably just don't have a strong desire to. It's tough. I'm sorry...


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