I'm still attached to my ex but we share the same group of friends, should I keep seeing them all togheter?

Our group of friend is like a second family to me but it's not the same since he and I broke up and it breaks my heart. I thought about taking time on my own with some other friends, but I do miss them. But at the same time, it annoys me and makes me sad when I'm with them cause the dynamic has changed and it reminds me of how happy I was when my ex and I were togheter. I don't wan't to change my life all because he broke my heart and I'm too weak to get over it, but I'm not sure that it's good for me to keep seeing them, you know. What should I do?


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  • Man, you do really sound weak. You gotta learn how to be a rock and move on.

    • Easier said than done my friend

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  • Same thing happened to me, I hear what you are trying to ask. I mean his friends were so protrctive over him, and ignored me, but I told my ex (cause we are best friends now) and he told them that he is fine and his group and my group are fine now, and we still talk and i still hang with his group but also my girls... So talk to them, or your ex if your friends.. if not just go with your other group..


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