My ex who I still like can't get over his ex ?

He broke up with her from cheating on her and lying about it and when he gave her a chance to stick up for herself, she said she didn't know what she wants and continued to be cold to him, standing him up all the time and not making time for him. Like for the past several weeks he said there overflow of emoji texts turned into emotionless one liners. And no sex. That's why when he found out she cheated, he broke up with her and got with me.

We have some what of a past together 6 months of a open relationship because I wasn't ready to commit 100% because I was getting over an ex of 4 years. That's the girl he stopped talking to me for, the one who cheated.

We went into no contact for 3 months until we both broke up with our s/o the same day without knowing until we told each other.

I'm like 'HELLOOOOO I'M OVER HEREEEE I'm not gonna stand you up, give me another chance!"

He is flirty with me but I can tell he misses her and I am second pick even though she treats him like shit n they aren't back together, he also tells me his probs partially because I said it's ok to vent.

I don't know what to do :(


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  • Walk away. I know it's hard but after even more experience, you'll be able to look back one day and feel proud of yourself for having the self-respect to not be someone's second choice.

  • We'll say to yourself he loves another girl
    Then find someone who loves you as much as you love then


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